Cookies are small text files that a website can send to your browser and that can be stored over time on the device (computer or mobile device). Cookies can be used by websites for various reasons, depending on the type. According to the law, the technical cookies can be stored on users’ device in order to properly use the website. We need your permission for all other types of cookies. This website uses two types of cookies: technical and analytic (or statistical). The consent applies to the entire domain, sub-domains and aliases.

Cookie declaration

Technical Cookies: used to allow proper function of the website.

Analytic (or statistical) cookies: used to collect anonymous information about user’s behavior on our website. This information can be used for statistical analysis in order to improve the website, develop communication strategies and optimize content. Analytic cookies are sent from the site itself or by third-party domains (see below for the information on web analytics services).

More information about cookies and how to remove them
It is possible to manage multiple cookies through the pages of choice, such as:

There is also a possibility to manage cookies directly from your browser settings.
To disable cookies from a specific browser, you can use following resources:

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To limit cookies in any other browser or mobile device, you can go to the device manufacturer’s or browser’s official website or consult the relevant documentation provided. To know more about cookies and how to erase them:


Data collected by the Web Analytics services

Our website collects anonymous data through analytical cookies provided by third-party with analytics tools. This type of cookies is used by web analytics tools to analyze incoming traffic, make changes to the website and other digital media and make the browsing experience better. Our website uses analytical and not profiling cookies provided by third-parties through Google Analytics. The users of our website should become aware that:

  • Thanks to the tools provided by Google, suppliers may publish ads and banners displayed on websites. These ads in some cases may be personalized based on the interests that users have been profiled with by Google during using third-party websites that allow profiling through cookies.
  • This website DOES NOT ALLOW displaying third-party ads on its website.
  • The cookies we use DO NOT CONTAIN personal data transferable to other websites.
  • Our website DID NOT ENABLE features of Google Analytics advanced profiling (Advertising Features and Demographics and Internet Reports)
  • Although this website does not use profiling cookies, it may happen that our ads will be displayed at other websites, based on the IP location in your browser, your device or other independently from the profiling cookies installed from our website.
  • Although this website does not use profiling cookies, if such profiling has taken place, we inform that you can use Google Ads Settings at any time in order to turn off ads based on your interests and to modify the interests for the Google Display Network.
  • We suggest you to view the cookie related Google Analytics page and the page on the types of cookies.
  • It is possible at any time to deny Google the possibility to use the Google Analytics data thanks to the Google Analytics Opt.

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