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our company policy for quality, health, safety and environment

According with the Company's Values, the Company Management has adopted its own Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Policy and undertakes to implement and update it, continuously improving the performances and sharing this Policy to all levels of the Organization.

QUALITY: Customer satisfaction remains the primary scope of our work. Our company is willing to maintain its ability to offer the market the highest quality, maintaining competitive prices, through continuous improvement of efficiencies and productivity of our processes. Our company aims at maintaining its ability to offer customers technically advanced products and processes, and to excel in it between its competitors. Prompt and professional responses to customers’ requests are becoming increasingly important factors in the selection and evaluation of Karton as a supplier: not only product and its quality, but also an attentive and careful customer service becomes key to success in the everyday relationship with our customers. Within end of 2017 Karton is also committing to upgrade its management to standard to the new version of standard ISO 9001:2015, adopting the preventive approach based on Risk Assessment to all the relevant processes.

HYGIENE AND FOOD SAFETY: Karton S.p.A. maintain its commitment in supplying its customers with food contact approved articles that are compliant to European and Italian Food Contact Legislation and hygienically controlled and safe. The commitment shown through all these years by our Laboratory, Production Planning, Raw material and Recycling Department, Pallet management, Extrusion, Converting department, and all the supporting functions, allowed us to consolidate these goals and maintaining the ISO 22000:2005 certification scheme.

Prompt communication about any problem or opportunity of improvement concerning hygiene, is a very good tool for preventing claims. Preventive and structured planning of cleaning and maintenance has become a consolidated approach for meeting this target.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Karton S.p.A is committed to eliminating and minimizing any Health & Safety risk for staff and contractors working inside our premises. All the personnel, regardless of hierarchic position, shall apply by all possible means and best knowledge, any useful action that could prevent accidents and out coming of professional illnesses. Our working procedures, based on standard BS OHSAS 18001:2007, are useful tools aimed at achieving this target. Continuity of our certification is the result of good practices implemented at all levels.

ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY: To reduce all the relevant environmental impacts caused by our activities and improve the economic and environmental sustainability of our articles, Karton is committed to designing recyclable products and to using recycled polypropylene as much as possible; at the end of their life cycle articles still have a value as recyclable: we promote at this scope the creation of closed loop systems to collect recyclable material. Karton is also committed into reducing electricity and water consumption and air emissions in relation to the total quantity of production. We constantly evaluate potential for development of new technologies and products which can guarantee a lower environmental impact. In the coming year, the company is committed to upgrade its environmental management system to the new version of standard ISO 14001 (2015).

It is a specific responsibility for all our staff, to act according to all internal procedures and applicable laws regarding Quality, Hygiene and Food Safety, Environmental Protection, Sustainability and Health & Safety, with the commitment to notify the Management of any potential opportunity of improvement.

Target of the above-mentioned items is not only respecting the applicable legislation, but also inspiring the continuous improvement principle, which is translated into a live and systematically updated Quality, Health& Safety, Environmental and Food Safety Management System.

Main actions aimed at ensuring application of this policy:

  • Open and proactive communication at all levels for information concerning Sustainability, Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Hygiene and Food Safety.
  • Training, awareness, and professional qualification of our staff.
  • Maintenance and implementation of our management system certified based on the international standards

ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

  • Respect of the REACH Regulation, of the European Directive 94/62/CE (concerning packaging and packaging waste) and of any applicable legislation requested by our clients, through systematic update of the Food Safety Hazard Analysis.
  • Respect of the laws D.Lgs. 81/2008 and subsequent amendments, (Italian Health & Safety law), D.Lgs. 152/2006 (Italian Environmental law) and systematic update of the Safety Hazard Analysis.
  • Planning and executing daily activities must happen in conformity to the Management System. Quality targets are annually reviewed and regularly monitored.

Karton policy provides a guideline for basing daily actions and decisions at all levels.  

Document approved by: Giovanni Bressan and Franco Bressan

Issued by: Piera Bressan, Manuel Sant and Mariapia Pessotto

June 2020

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