We are pioneers of the Circular Economy



The natural evolution of our company - Karton S.p.A - has led us to develop a production cycle in the pursuit of sustainability.

The successful outcome of such a commitment is represented by our Environment Management System complying with and certified by the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard,  together with an  internal recycling system of polypropylene  (PP) after use.

What does this consist in? In our 2 production units located in Sacile and San Giorgio di Nogaro in North-East Italy, polypropylene products, such as pallets or layer pads, are returned to our works after use by customers, thanks to a specific buy-back system, and recycled as raw materials by means of our advanced PP recycling plants.

A simple diagram explains the application of the concept of Circular Economy through this virtuous circle.

Thanks to a successful combination of our circular business model and supply chain skills, we are able to reduce the demand for natural resources and, more importantly, operational costs, transferring cost reductions to our clientèle as well.

Ahead of our time, we have been pioneers of Circular Economy  for thirty years with  our re-usable packaging solutions.

A practical example follows: packaging entirely made from corrugated PP replacing traditional carton packaging sealed with adhesive tape.

This type of packaging can be employed over 100 times, hence lasting for several years, with such a difference when compared to carton, either disposable or suitable for use no more than 3-4 times.

How does this process work? Our clients use our recyclable containers for a wide range of transport purposes in a reverse logistic system, in other words their products are supplied to their own clients who have no need to eliminate disposable cartons after each delivery, but they fold the recyclable containers and return them to their supplier in order to pack subsequent orders.

A particularly efficient system in a lean management perspective offering several advantages, from a financial as well as logistic point of view. After the initial one-off investment required to purchase the recyclable containers, companies enjoy all the benefits involved, i.e. there is no need to order new containers involving new raw materials and power consumption in order to produce new packaging, but a totally sustainable choice can be made. Our recyclable packaging has in fact a life of 4-8 years, according to use, occupying less space in warehousing facilities.



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