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Environmental friendly

Karton's products can be considered as "Enviromental Friendly" since they're reusable and manufactured with raw materials that have been specifically selected for their attitude in being recycled. Having always been sensitive to enviromental safeguard policies, Karton supports its clients in studying solutions accomplishing at the same time product perfomance and the Ecosystem, including Carbon footprint reduction needs.
Polypropylene recycling process it's the less impactant type of disposal, when compared with incineration, which causes a noticeable development of CO2, or landfill disposal, which causes high enviromental impact due to eutrophysation.


The polypropylene: a recyclable solution

Polypropylene is a polyolefin polymer obtained through addition of propylene molecules.
Its main feature is a great versatility that allows applications where high mechanical performance is required in order to achieve high protection degree; these characteristics are maintained within a wide temperature range allowing larger use range.
Its natural water repellency and the possibility of customizing the base polymer with different additivation, ensuring high durability even outdoors, for applications that have to be resistant to bad weather conditions or chemical agents.
Its waterproof property and the particular nature of its chemical bonds make it resistant to acid, alkaline and salt solutions and bacteria, mould and algae resistant, making finished products excellent in terms of hygienic condition.
The use of POLYPROPYLENE ensures the total recyclability at the end of the product life. The material obtained can be recycled for new products avoiding its dispersion in the environment. Recycling and reusing philosophy is part of the ethic of KARTON’s work.

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