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There are different kind of polypropylene layer pads, according to the various logistic and palletizing requirements.

CPL®: is the classic and best known polypropylene corrugated layer pad, available with sealed edges and rounded corners in thicknesses from 2 to 12 mm and weights from 250 to 3000 gsm, according to the required application.
Key features: flexibility, lightness and excellent ratio of weight performance.
Is also available in easy-depal version.

EPLAK®: polypropylene solid layer pad is an alternative to the corrugated layer pad. Its thicknesses varies from 0.6 to 4.2 mm.

Karton experience and know-how in palletizing makes possible to offer a high range of solutions focusing on cost saving and reuse of packaging materials.

Top frame
It is a frame which is put on the last layer of bottles or cans to hold them-together during transportation.

Slip Sheets
It is a layer pad used for transportation as replacement of pallets, it must be used with a fork lift accessorized with Push/Pull system.

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Layer Pads CPL® - Corr Sheet

Layer Pads EPLAK® - Solid Sheet

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