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Cpl® - Cartonplast

Cartonplast® has become synonymous of polypropylene corrugated sheet.
The production technologies give several advantages to selected raw material:
- High strength
- Light weight
- Convertibility
- Customization:
thickness, weight, colour, etc..
- Printability: screen printing, digital and flexo printing with corona treatment
- Reusability, recyclability and environmental friendly

Cartonplast ® can also be additivated to obtain additional properties:
CPL-conductive / dissipative / anti-static
CPL-self extinguishing



EPLAK® is a solid polypropylene sheet, mainly used in graphic arts, packaging, stationery and beverage.
Sheets can be customized through different surface finishings, colours and additives (anti-static, anti UV, Flame Retardant).

EPLAK® has excellent qualities:
- Shock and weather resistant
- Flexible
- Printable (offset, UV offset, screen printing)
- Resistant and versatile thanks to physical characteristics that make it suitable
for printing processes, die cutting, welding and gluing.

Totally recyclable, EPLAK® is available in cut to size sheets, squared on request and also on reels.



EXALITE® is the result of a production process that efficiently supplements and upgrades the know-how gained by Cartonplast in polypropylene extrusion technology. The process can be divided up into three stages:

  1. thermoforming of the polypropylene sheet into a special "patented" geometry;
  2. bonding of the resulting geometry, which forms the honeycomb core;
  3. hot bonding of the polypropylene skins, which complete the EXALITE® panel's sandwich structure.

The flexible production system allows panel length to be adapted to suit different applications, with variable width up to 1250 mm.


Plastic Pallet

Karton product range is completed by different kind of pallets and collapsible Box Pallets obtained by injection molding.
Materials used for pallets have excellent mechanical properties that guarantee long lasting use.
In addition they are lighter than wood, have no splinters or nails and are not attacked by insects.
PHYL® pallets are 100% recyclable: to get a new pallet from an old or damaged one is sufficient to grind it and mould it again. In this way PHYL® pallet keeps a value at the end of its life as recycling material.

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