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Karton polypropylene sheets are easy to print and ideal for advertising materials

Our corrugated and solid plastic sheets are perfect for printing and advertising materials.

Our branded polypropylene sheets Cartonplast® and Eplak® are widely renowned, distributed and used by digital printers all over Europe for their quality and reliability.

Non matter whether solid or corrugated polypropylene, our sheets are suitable for high quality print:

Cartonplast® and Eplak® sheets are compatible with a wide range of inks and printing technologies (offset, flexographic, screen and digital printing).

On top of that, our sheets are easy to customise to fit your specific needs and to convert: easily die-cut, creased and coupled with other materials like non-woven fabric, films, etc. making them the ideal medium for communication campaigns and advertising: no limits for your branding.


panels for printing

Resistant and versatile, both Cartonplast® cellular sheets and Eplak® compact sheets are an excellent option for printing and promotional materials.

Cartonplast® and Eplak® materials are particularly suitable for flexographic, screen and digital printing.

Special treatments like corona treatment or UV resistance and stability are ideal for large-scale and long-lasting prints.

Bespoke dimensions, the panels in Cartonplast® and Eplak® are resistant to mould, moisture and chemicals: they are the ideal media for billboards, posters and sign panels for construction sites.

They are specifically designed also for large formats: easy to handle, they are lightweight and robust at the same time.


 eco print sheets

Karton has developed the Eco Print sheets: they are corrugated polypropylene sheets made of a high percentage (45%) of recycled raw material,  polypropylene that Karton selects and recycles into its own plants.

These secondary raw materials come from products like layer pads or plastic pallets at the end of their useful life.

An effective example of sustainability, the Eco print sheets are an outstanding medium for printing.

The Eco Print panels can be adapted for any communication campaign such as advertisement panels and billboards, maintaining  high quality of printing, an excellent quality-price ratio and aiming at a sustainable use of resources.



Cartonplast® and Eplak® are an excellent option for printing and advertising materials, since both corrugated and compact sheets are easy to convert and suitable for digital and screen printing: the ideal media for communication campaign, especially Point of Sale display (POS).

Special treatments such as corona treatment and UV stabilization are ideal to make attractive displays to promote your brand and products both at the point of sale and outdoors.

Our polypropylene sheets have an unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio: they have a high impact strength, outstanding rotting and moisture resistance and are lightweight: perfect for free standing displays, countertop displays as well as pallet displays.

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