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Cartonplast® fruit and vegetable trays

Date Friday 24 November 2017

The challenge: protect and transport red chicory at its best

The fruit and vegetable market is experiencing a growing trend in the demand for the typical radicchio from Treviso and Castelfranco, PGI certified, the European trademark of protection.

This means that retailers are focusing more and more on fresh and guaranteed food product, as demanded by end consumers.

Red Treviso chicory producers have an excellent product in all respects, it is the packaging, however, that presents a problem.

The crates for the chicory, that needs washing before packaging, are made of cardboard and can easily be damaged by moisture and water, and ends up reaching the point of sale in non-optimal conditions.

The cardboard boxes are spoiled by water: they tend to lose shape and the graphics lose readability. Moreover, spoiled and humid carton promotes growth of moulds, affecting products freshness.


Our ad-hoc solution

As an expert supplier of packaging for the fresh produce market, we understand the needs of growers and packers, as well as end consumers. They expect such a well-known product to be fresh and well preserved at the POS without compromise.

We have made fruit and vegetable boxes in our signature material Cartonplast®, the corrugated polypropylene. Cartonplast® boxes are robust as well as water and moisture proof.

This sustainable packaging solution offers protection during freight: our boxes are specifically designed to be stackable: in this way the chicory, which is particularly delicate, is not crushed during transport, reaching the point of sale intact and fresh.

Kept in our boxes, red chicory is not contaminated by micro-organisms that shorten its shelf-life, thus reaching the point of sale well-preserved and lasting longer even during domestic storage.

The attractive graphics printed on the boxes enhance the brand: the product stands out in a highly competitive market.

Finally, our crates are environmentally friendly: polypropylene is 100% recyclable.

photo: Packaging of Castelfranco PGI chicory in our stackable boxes to be shipped to retailers.

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