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Reusable Packaging

Date Monday 18 December 2017

The challenge

One of our customers, who produces 900,000 pcs of plastic coffee capsules daily, handles about 500 disposable cardboard containers per day,  sending them to a coffee producer.

Cardboard boxes are not reusable, are easily damaged and not resistant to moisture and water, and need to be disposed and replaced at every trip.

How could we help our customer to solve this problem?

Ad hoc solution for closed-loop logistics

Karton offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the customer: a reusable box in Cartonplast®: collapsible, impact and water resistant, easy erect.

Every day our customer ships 1 full truck of plastic coffee capsules packed in our reusable boxes.

Roughly every 2 weeks, 1 truck is shipped back from the coffee producer to our customer with the  empty boxes –flat delivered: a virtuous cycle!

Reusable packaging is a valid and sustainable option and it represents real savings: the initial investment is easily paid-off: no more repeated purchases of one-way cardboard packaging.

Reusable packaging is environmentally friendly: employing reusable packaging means avoiding the problem of disposing of one-way packaging in landfills.

The economic benefits are considerable: better protection of components and consequent reduction of potential transport damage, as well as better transport and storage efficiency thanks to the collapsible design.

Satisfied with the savings and the quality of the reusable boxes, our customer is progressively implementing our reusable packaging for the transportation of automotive components, replacing the disposable cardboard packaging.



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