Box Mec  collapsible containers: a space saver solution

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Box Mec collapsible containers: a space saver solution

Date Thursday 19 October 2017

The challenge: efficient warehousing and picking of small components

Our customer, a multinational company producing solenoid valves, manages a complex FIFO warehouse, featuring a very high number of SKUs.

For this customer it is crucial to quickly select and properly pick  the several small parts composing  a single solenoid valve.

The problem is that the containers in the warehouse are very capable but very deep, once half-empty they are not suitable for easy picking. Moreover, even if almost empty, the traditional containers create space issues.

The labels on the containers specifying the component code is easily damaged, generating inefficiencies.


Our ad-hoc solution

Our packaging specialist recognised the improvement potential, and proposed a solution that was right for the customer: our Box Mec modular container in euro pallet size, the Box Mec BM1208.

Box Mec helps optimise the space in the warehouse: once a small component is taken and the quantity decreases, it is possible to recover the space by removing 1 collar of the Box Mec.

In addition, the Box Mec BM1208 features a special transparent plastic label holder pocket, keeping the nomenclature of the components clear and in order. The customer has then created labels in different colours to easily differentiate components: overall, picking operations are facilitated being faster and more intuitive.

Once some components have been used up, the Box Mec can be folded down, minimizing the space occupied in the warehouse, and depending on the quantity of the new components, it can be set-up with 1 or more collars.

Finally, the Box Mec is environmentally friendly: polypropylene is 100% recyclable  at the end of its useful life.

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