What is Exalite®?

Exalite® represents the excellence of a 30-year know-how gained by Karton in polypropylene extrusion technology.

 It is a special polypropylene panel featuring a hollow, honeycomb core.

The triple ‘sandwich’ structure of the panel is completed by 2 outer layers of solid polypropylene sheets.

The result is a remarkably strong and lightweight material: more than 30% better stiffness at the same weight compared to competitors’ materials. This special feature makes it suitable for transporting heavy and valuable components for the automotive sector.

Karton developed  the know-how to provide sealed edges technology: this makes Exalite® panels, sleeves and layer pads easy to clean, ideal for reverse logistics.

Exalite® reusable containers are suitable for any closed logistics network, ensuring long service life and enabling significant costs reductions.

Exalite® offers:

  • Resistance to chemical elements;
  • Versatility: it can be bond with steel, aluminium, wood and other plastics;
  • Production flexibility: panel length can be adapted for fitting in different applications, with a variable width up to 1250 mm;
  • Exceptional strength/weight ratio of the honeycomb core + outer layers;
  • Where an anti-slip surface is needed, Karton can provide this special finishing, ideal for layer pads to transport automotive components.                                                                                                                            

Case history

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