Karton’s plastic packaging is a valuable solution for food supply chains.                                                                                   

Our foodstuff boxes are a handy and clean packaging solutions.

Karton continuously designs and releases on the market packaging that is compliant to the European Food Contact Legislation, and produced in a plant which is certified ISO 22000.

Our foodstuffs  containers improve cleanliness as well as food safety and  reduce the risk of product damage.

We provide a full range of trays for field harvest fruits and vegetables, as well as red meat/poultry and seafood  boxes.

Our  excellent reputation in the general food processing industry makes us a leading company in polypropylene foodstuffs containers and trays.

Flexographic prints make your brand and fresh products stand out.

Our inks are compliant with EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association) Guidelines on Printing Inks



fresh fruit and vegetables trays

We do not underestimate the potential of a great advertising: our foldable polypropylene trays not only keep your fresh produce intact and transport it safely to the final destination, but also…  speak volumes about your Brand!

We print our foodstuffs packaging with food-safe, water-based inks, compliant with EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association) guidelines.  No limits for your branding!

Our PP trays are water resistant: growers and suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables easily acknowledge the importance of keeping their produce fresher for longer, guaranteeing a better protection and presentation of products at the point of purchase.


seafood and meat boxes

Karton’s smart seafood packaging  trays are the ideal solution to safely transport fresh seafood.

Our plastic boxes are a green alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS): shipped flat in pre-folded bundles to minimise transport costs and maximise space in warehouses. 

Polypropylene (PP) packaging solutions are 100% recyclable: an environmentally friendly alternative.

We produce bespoke boxes: designed to fit in a precise size, can be watertight when your products need to reach their destination without leakage; or non-leak-proof to release unwanted ice melting during transportation; or designed with locking tabs to improve stacking stability.

The same kind of boxes can be customised for transporting safely red meat and poultry.

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